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The Legal Team at Benchmark Paralegals

Edward Woods, Paralegal

Mr. Woods is a highly experienced no nonsense paralegal offering services for individuals within the Small Claims, before the Landlord Tenant Board and the Immigration and Refugee Board.

In the Small Claims Court, Edward provides representation from both the Plaintiff and the Defendant perspectives.

As a strongly skilled negotiator, Mr. Woods brings a reputable track record for negotiating settlements and other resolutions, thereby regularly avoiding the  time-consuming and costly process of litigation.

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The Legal Team at Benchmark Paralegals

Holly Robertson, Paralegal

Holly Robertson is a skilled and experienced Paralegal with particular interest in Employment Law and Human Rights matters.  Holly brings experience representing many employees and employers by offering unique and transferable insight to provide legal representation for matters before both the provincial Labour Board and federal Labour Board, the Human Rights Tribunal of Ontario and the Canadian Industrial Tribunal.  Holly also has experience in conducting and participating in workplace investigations for both employees and employers.

Holly is passionate about protecting your rights before the provincial and federal Human Rights Tribunal as they relate to employment,
housing, services and contracts.  Holly has practical and substantive
knowledge in your human rights and legal entitlements and will work
diligently to ensure your rights are protected and enforced.

As a paralegal and member of the Law Society of Ontario's Coaching & 
Advisory Network, Holly is experienced and passionate about providing
legal services and guidance to fellow legal professionals from compliance
regulation to legal representation.  Holly understands the demands
associated with the paralegal profession and is eager to help you.

The Legal Team at Benchmark Paralegals

Glenn Gosling RN, Paralegal

Glenn Gosling, Paralegal and a Registered Nurse with over 20-years of experience in critical care, emergency care, flight medicine, crisis management and emergency management has a vast comprehension of health law.

Glenn, as an active critical care nurse, understands the growing issues in health care.  He attended Humber College and completed his Paralegal Diploma (Hons).  Glenn has assisted Healthcare Professionals at the Consent and Capacity Board, Health Professions Appeal Review Board, College of Nurses of Ontario, College of Physicians and Surgeons of Ontario, WSIB Appeals, and the Ministry of Labour.  Glenn has represented clients at the Health Services Appeal and Review Board, Ontario Human Rights Tribunal, Workplace Safety and Insurance Board, Long-Term Disability Claim Advocacy and Emergency Management Specialist with legal advice.

Glenn uses his knowledge, experience, and passion of the legal and healthcare industries to represent your rights.

Memberships: Law Society of Ontario; College of Nurses Ontario; Hamilton Medical-Legal Society; Canadian Bar Association: Medico-Legal Society of Toronto

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Photo: Jody GutoskiJody Gutoski, Paralegal

Jody Gutoski graduated as a Paralegal and successfully completed.  the Law Society of Ontario License exam in 2018. Jody became a.  Paralegal as her belief is that everyone should have affordable  access  to justice. Jody ,with a strong attention to detail is a  passionate paralegal that makes her a great advocate for any client.   

Jody began her career as a Paralegal gaining valuable knowledge      through her internship at Benchmark Legal Ofices, and practices in the area of Provincial Offences and Criminal Law, with representation in Hamilton, Burlington, Brantford, Milton, Welland and St. Catharines.



Jordan Nieuwhof, Paralegal (Investigator) 

Mr. Nieuwhof obtained Paralegal License in 2015 and further went on to 
pursue Private Investigations. Mr. Nieuwhof employs an investigative approach The Legal Team at Benchmark Paralegals
to his legal files when working to recover assets under The Repair and Storage
Liens Act. As an experienced advocate in recovering assets, Mr. Nieuwhof is
passionate about advocating with insurance companies for the Repair, Tow and 
Storage industry. Representing garages, marinas, towing providers, and
storage facilities, Mr. Nieuwhof takes every file with an investigative approach
and builds a solid case based on your rights as afforded in the Repair and Storage
Liens Act. As a Niche Paralegal, Jordan spends his time perfecting this
knowledge to pursue aggressive well built legal cases specifically for R.S.L.A
Claims. If you are a Tow Truck Operator, Marina, Garage, Storage Facility or 
Mechanic and Repair Persons you should have Jordan Nieuwhof on speed dial.

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