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Health Professional Appeals Board


Health Professions Appeal Review Board (HPARB), primarily hears matters in regards to appealing decisions made by Health Professionals College, Inquires Complaints and Report Committees (ICRC).  Additionally, the Board also hears matters related to Physicians’s hospital privileges within Ontario. 

HPARB is empowered by the Regulated Health Professionals Act, 1991, to review and appeal decisions made by the ICRC of 28 self-regulated health professions in Ontario.

If you have been subject ti an ICRC investigation, and disagree with their findings you can appeal their decision at the HPARB.  This process is not a trial against your college, but of the investigation process and the reasonableness of their decision. Therefore, the college will not be a party in your application, but may attend the hearing and be made aware of the outcome.

HPARB has the authority to either:

Confirm all, or part of the Committee’s decision;

Make Recommendations to the ICRC;

Inform the ICRC to act within their jurisdiction, by conducting further investigation and/or consider all or particular aspects of the complaint or to make a particular disposition of the matter, such as, taking no further action, requiring remedial action of the member who is subject to the complaint, or referring the member under investigation to the Disciplinary Committee. 

At Benchmark Legal LLP, we understand the stress of any College investigation brings, not to mention the ongoing battle when the wrong conclusion is made against you.  We have experience in guiding our clients through the process , and advocating for your rights as a professional.  Colleges hold their members to the highest standards, let us assist you in holding the ICRC to the same level.

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